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Emerging in the 2001-2012 , Singateh was the biggest crossover success in reggae. Hiphop and deep Afro artist Not only did he become in the Gambia. Senegambian most commercially potential artist in the international market, he was also more than just a typical flash in the pan, managing to sustain a career over the course of several highly popular releases. ( MORE MESSAGE 2005, 4 IN LOVE 2007 , REJOICE IN 2009, and MANSA KAY IN 2012 and many more hot rated singles.


Singateh was born Alhagie Singateh in 1982, in Bansang the Gambia, and was nicknamed after the his first hit sigle Singateh Rise. Soon began performing with the local Gambian sound systems . A steady income proved to be a more pressing matter, however, in mid- 20s Singateh make his first international Tour in the USA , courtesy of African Artist Association head office in Brooklyn New York, later joined the Megga Force Records 2006 ,Stationed at Germany, he continued to pursue music in his free time, and often made the drive back to the Gambia for recording sessions , and concerts.


Singateh's most important connection, however, proved to be radio DJ/studio engineer Tour (Pa ous Gambia talents), who got him a gig cutting dubplates in the U.S.A. One of those records "Give me the love " became a huge hit among New York reggae fans , its follow-up, "HIT with Megga Force Record on various riddims and line up's .

Few years after that Singateh become the Gambia only international sensation who embark on tours every other year , in Europes and America , over the past years singateh perform and criss-cross all over europe performing in Germany , Sweden , Norway , Finland, Swiss , Barcelona , Italy in the United states he perform in New york , Seattle , Mary land , Atlnata , Texas in Dallas , Canda in toronto.

In the united kingdom he perform in london been the first Gambian artist to play at the Africa Music Awards call the (AMA) in 2009 , he also perform in Birmingham , Reading , Wales and Glasgow in scotland.

After all this success he become one of the most highly rated and recommended Gambian artist nation wide , he create his own style of music , appeariances for any time he dress keep every one saying WAW.

Singateh doesn't limit his carrier to Gambia local market for he is able to sell thousands of cds abroad during his tours , thats make his music popular out side the Gambia .He also collaborated with lots of other international artist for that add more platform to his carrier .

After few years he now open a recording studio call PAK MUSIC after few months he was able to cut and voice lots of upcoming artist for free of charge for his personal contribution to boost up new talents , now one can call him a complete artist who do sing , perform , wirte , and as well produce .

He drop countless hits both audio and visual dropping one of the best video ever call WORDS UNSPOKEN shoot in Dallas Texas with the help of morefyah sounds system , then LOVE STORY featuring Cess Ngum directed and edited by his manger Ousman Jarjue of mediamatics is right now the best ever mix from his latest album in 2012.

Right now singateh is busy with IDUB MUSIC , to release the best of Singateh 2013 in December , this project is going to be another platform for singateh , for the first time a Gambian Artist Relasing such a project . BEST OF SING A TEH is going to be a 18 TRACKS album which will include all his old hits , latest hits , remixes , and new singles all put together in one album , which should be distributed both in digital and cd,s , distributed both locally and international .

Singateh is right now focusing on this project , we keep updating as we go along the way..... ( To Be Continue)


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